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Foundation Programs to Support Clubs and Members


Your gifts, both large and small, will help us to achieve our mission of helping our  Kiwanis Clubs when disasters affect their communities.


Thank you in advance for your generous support that allows us to help Kiwanis Clubs through the use of our Ohio District Kiwanis Foundation Disaster Relief Fund



Kiwanis Supporting Disaster Relief

2021-22 Governor's Project           

Case for Support

Disasters can strike anywhere and anytime. We may have warnings that alert us that a disaster is imminent or strike in the middle of the night with no warning. They can be global like the COVID-19 pandemic, strike states and regions like Gulf Coast hurricanes, or devastate half-dozen communities overnight like 2019’s Memorial Day tornados. Disasters can even be caused by accidents like the Miamisburg Train Derailment in 1978, which caused thousands of Miamisburg residents to evacuate their homes.

Ohio District Kiwanis clubs and as well as individual Kiwanians can provide vital support after a disaster strikes. Whether it’s providing meals to responders, needed supplies to victims, or helping ensure a foundation’s relief fund can provide grants in support of relief, there are many ways we can help. Here are a few examples:

Kiwanis Role in Disaster Relief with the Kiwanis Children’s Fund - 2017

In 2017 Hurricane Harvey struck Texas and Hurricane Irma struck Florida causing extensive flooding with Harvey tying the record for the costliest tropical cyclone to strike the United States. The prolonged dislocation strained the resources of local aid agencies and service organizations. In response to a call from the of Kiwanis Children’s Fund (KCF), the Ohio District Kiwanis Foundation (ODKF) provided funds to Texas, Louisiana, and Florida for disaster relief through direct donations and support disaster relief efforts.

Ohio District Kiwanis Role in Disaster Relief – May 2019

Dayton and its suburbs were struck by 19 powerful tornadoes in quick succession overnight. Kiwanians provided needed supplies; sponsored a free meal; and volunteered their time to a hospitals and county assistance programs.

For example, a tornado destroyed homes in Celina, and another passed north of West Milton and through Kessler in western Ohio, damaging or destroying many homes and outbuildings. Kiwanians from multiple communities provided laundry services and hosted a cleaning supply drive.

ODKF provided disaster relief funds to Kiwanis clubs in the affected communities.

Kiwanis Role Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic - 2021

ODKF recognized that many Clubs had difficulty completing their service projects due to the inability to hold fundraisers because to the Covid 19 pandemic. They created a new “ODKF KARES” (Kiwanis Aid, Relief, Economic, Security) grant program to help clubs continue their service projects during the pandemic.


Ohio District Kiwanis Supporting Disaster Relief – Project Outline

Our Ohio District Kiwanis Supporting Disaster Relief project has three primary goals:

1)    Increase awareness of the ODKF funding support in times of need.

2)    Increase community engagement though developing contacts for Kiwanis support should disaster strike; and how Kiwanis can participate in, or lead, community-led response to disasters.

3)    Develop an Ohio District Kiwanis Disaster Plan based on the Louisiana – Mississippi –Western Tennessee District’s model.


Club and club member participation in the 2021-22 Governor's Project will involve two primary components:

1)    Provide support for ODKF through Club, Division, and individual gifts for general disaster relief or for specific disasters; should any occur during the 2021- 2022 Kiwanis year.

2)    Clubs are asked to schedule programs with their local Red Cross or their local Emergency Management Agency to learn about those organization’s roles in disaster relief and how Kiwanis clubs can provide needed support for their communities. These two organizations play important roles in disaster relief.

Local Emergency Management Agencies prepare for and respond to disasters, usually taking the lead with the support of the state and federal governments.

The American Red Cross provides shelters, meals, and emotional support for victims of disasters and works closely with local Emergency Management Agencies.

Clubs should also consider discussing how they can help their communities recover from a disaster and put together a short disaster relief plan of their own.

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Thank you for your continued support!

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